PGS Video Parking Guiding System

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Wireless Video Parking Guidance System
The latest video parking guidance system adopts video detector to detect parking bay status, which is replacing traditional ultrasonic system.
One video detector consists of two cameras and one LED, which can detect six opposite parking bays at the same time. Compared with ultrasonic parking guidance system, Video PGS is much easier to install and with lower installaion cost.
 Video Detector 
 Definition:0.3 Meg-pixel
 Communication Interface:RJ45                                                                 
 No. of detected bays:1 or 2
 Power Supply:DC 24V (POE) 
 Power Consumption:2.4W 
 Working Temperature:-20℃~+60℃


 Video Control Server
 Communication Interface:RJ45(TCP/IP)
 Working Voltage:AC 100-200V
 Power Consumption:12W
 Working Temperature:-20℃-+70℃
 Worhing Humidity:0%-96%


 Indoor Guidance Display
 LED Standard:3.7 indoor LED,red,green and orange colors
 Communication Interface:RJ45(TCP/IP)
 Working Voltage:AC 100-240V
 Power Consumption:20W
 Working Temperature:-20℃-+50℃
 Working Humidity:not larger than 95%(+25℃)


 Level Guidance Display
 LED Standard:P10 outdoor highlight LED. Pure red,pure green or both red and green colors
 Resolution(esch level):64*16
 Communication Interface:RJ45(TCP/IP)
 Working Voltage:AC 100-240V
 Power Consumption:100-200W
 Working Temperature:-30℃-+60℃
 Working Humidity:Not larger than 95%(+25℃)


  • PGS Video Parking Guiding System



ProxiGuard is the only RFID (Proximity) guard tour system in the world with impact detection. Reports will show each time the reader was either dropped or subject to a strong impact.

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