BU-BT820 Bluetooth Long Distance Reader

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ProxiGuard Long Distance Reader MODEL: BU-BT820 Long Range Bluetooth Reader

  1. HighReadingspeed,cardcanbereadin10-40km/hwithoutvehiclestop

  2. Longrangereadingdistance,1-20m

  3. AdvancedCDMAcommunicationtechnologyforuseandnointerference

    between adjacent lanes

  4. Readingdirectioncanbeadjusteddiscretionarily

  5. CommunicationoutputWiegand26

Technical Parameters:

  • Working voltage:DC12V 3A

  • Bluetooth power:5W

  • Working frequency:433MHZ Infrared frequency:38KHZ

  • Reading Angle: 80degrees Reading distance:1-20m

  • Label protocol:CDMA

  • Relay output. The relay will close 100ms when read the card

  • Interface type:Wiegand26/34

  • Working Temperature:-30°C——+75°C

  • Storage temperature: -45°C——+95°C

  • Relative humidity: max 95%






  • LDR Long Distance Readers



ProxiGuard is the only RFID (Proximity) guard tour system in the world with impact detection. Reports will show each time the reader was either dropped or subject to a strong impact.

Contact information

  • 245 SE 1st Street, Suite #226,
    Miami, FL 33131
  • Toll Free: +1-877-GOPROXI
  • Telephone: +1-305-381-6066
  • Fax: +1-305-381-6088